delfort's strict internal and external quality control measures for safe straw paper
The foundation of any great paper straw is great paper! When creating products for the food industry, a strong and consistent management and quality assurance system is essential to ensure adherence to regulations and laws. As a signatory of the Charter of Trust, delfort makes certain their FibreStraw® paper is safe and sustainable – good for people and planet.

To guarantee the quality of FibreStraw® paper for straight, bended, and telescopic industrial and non-industrial paper straws, delfort has comprehensive internal and external quality controls in place. From sourcing to the final product. They employ a team of experts in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, product integrity, and product safety.

Starting with the raw materials, delfort only works with suppliers whose products are food safety compliant. All raw materials can be traced to suppliers, ensuring every ingredient that goes into delfort’s paper is compliant and safe. 100% of the pulp used is sourced from FSC™ and/or PEFC™ certified pulp suppliers.

delfort’s paper technologists carry out analysis, against strict quality standards, on the paper during various stages of production. Additionally, digital measuring devices on their state-of the-art paper machines regularly check the papers for any sign of impurities.

delfort paper for straws is compliant to FDA, BfR, and EU food contact standards. Samples are regularly audited by accredited third party laboratories to ensure their compliance to these standards.

In addition to being safe and compliant, delfort FibreStraw® paper is environment friendly and is certified marine and soil biodegradable.

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