DREWSEN new Development Centre helps create safe, sustainable and durable straw paper solutions
Drinking straws have greatly evolved in recent years, notably by transitioning from plastic to paper. However, paper straws requires a complex engineering and finding the right solution for every type of straw is not always easy. There are many parameters influencing the interaction between paper, machine and glue.

As a signatory of the Charter of Trust for paper drinking straws, DREWSEN is committed to safety and quality. The company has established a Competence Centre for Paper Straw Production to help shedding light on this triangle (paper, machine, glue) while ensuring the end-product is fully compliant with EU legislation.

The idea is to unite the expertise in paper-making and straw-making under one roof in order to develop the perfect straw paper for each segment in the market. Paper for straws has to fulfil many different needs: not only must it be absolutely safe, but it also has to be eco-friendly, durable for a certain time in drinks and later on it should dissolve in water. At the same time high output and excellent runnability on the straw machines is of high importance for a cost optimized straw production.

Thanks to this Competence Centre, DREWSEN is now in the position to analyse and systematically investigate the whole production chain on these aspects. To understand the market needs for paper and provide the right solutions , they work in open cooperation with all market participants (glue suppliers, machine suppliers and straw manufacturers). The result of this continuous development is a full range of compliant and safe straw papers for high quality straws in the Industrial and HORECA segment.

For more information please contact apsp@drewsen.com or visit the website www.drewsen.com.

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