Hauni’s quality control ensures its machine produce safe paper straws
While producing paper drinking straws, it is not only important to have quality raw materials but also a great machinery to fit them all together. As member of 360° Foodservice and signatory of the Charter of Trust, Hauni actively supports the provision of compliant and safe paper drinking straws by manufacturers to consumers worldwide.

Their unique manufacturing solution “HSM” (Hauni Straw Maker) produces safe, sustainable and durable paper straws, that are fully compliant wiyh all relevant EU and national food contact material legislations. An online quality control system on the machine monitors the process and various parameters during straw production. This also allows for an eco-friendly production process, saving resources by using minimum amounts of glue.
image Furthermore Hauni audits their suppliers and their own processes regularly. Every part of the machine which is in contact with the final straw is screened and analysed before being approved for the bill of materials. From time to time, they select out purchased or self-manufactured parts and test them in their well-equipped lab for contamination and dangerous substances. This process is managed with an elaborate parts management system.

Their DIN / EN / ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification ensures that Hauni is always in line and up to date with relevant EU and national legislation. They are regularly monitored by an independent certification body.
image Hauni, like the other machinery supplier signatories of the Charter, makes efforts that are not immediately visible, but which allows consumers to drink from the safest paper straws. From the first screw until the final product, every aspect is to ensure a flawless machine which produces the safest quality.

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