Henkel “Triple Safety Concept” delivers food safe paper straw adhesives
The Charter of Trust for paper drinking straws is an important initiative that leading adhesive producer Henkel is proud to be part of. Henkel’s AQUENCE® ST adhesives comply with the strictest food safety controls both during their development process and during production.

What Henkel calls its ‘triple safety concept’ is a hand-in-hand cooperation between its global analytical, toxicology and regulatory experts, who ensure that all safety aspects of the paper straw adhesive are assessed and confirmed.
The company’s analytical experts conduct in-house migration testing, NIAS (non-intentionally added substances) screening and prove the absence of substances of concern. This provides an assurance to regulatory bodies and customers of the safety of the adhesive for use in paper straw manufacture. Toxicology experts risk-assess possible migrants for paper straws to ensure that there is no health risk for the consumer.

Finally, Henkel’s global regulatory team brings it all together, as they monitor national and international food safety regulations and make sure that they get translated into internal processes and standards that guarantee compliance.

In addition to this, Henkel’s corporate microbiology team assesses the potential impact of the final paper straw on the environment and how it degrades in various environments over time.

The company’s paper straw adhesives are compliant to the relevant FDA standards, EC-provisions and BfR recommendations and their production gets audited regularly to ensure their compliance to the quality standards GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Henkel, like all other signatories of the Charter of Trust, believes that the highest internal testing and production standards lead to the highest paper straw adhesive product standards and with it to customer satisfaction and safety.

Food Safe Adhesive for Paper Straws | AQUENCE® ST by Henkel - YouTube

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