New FCM rules further delayed: The industry needs to get ahead
The European Commission announced that the revision of legislation on Food Contact Materials (FCM) has been further postponed to mid-2023. Improvement in compliance enforcement of current and future rules should be addressed during this revision process. New rules should also finally include additional materials used for food and drinks packaging such as paper, cardboard, metal and bio-based products, and not just plastics.

360° Foodservice deeply regrets a new delay to these much needed enhancements to the current FCM rules. We call on the European Commission to present concrete and effective measures as soon as possible, as it is crucial to prevent the circulation of non-compliant and potentially usafe products in the EU market.

As the EU lags behind in reforming FCM rules and their enforcement, it is therefore upon the industry to take the lead for now in ensuring safe products for the consumers. That is why 360 Foodservice will continue to promote its Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking straws to public authorities and all relevant stakeholders to ensure that all products on the EU market are compliant and safe.

When purchasing paper straws, or machinery and raw materials to produce them, always check if that company is a signatory of the Charter of Trust. They are easily recognisable as they bear our Trustmark.

Use the QR Code and registration number to ensure the company is indeed a legitimate signatory of the Charter of Trust.

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